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“Let me help you find your well-being through the power of breath and the mind-body connection”

- Monika Gold

“Monika is an exceptionally skilled, attentive, thoughtful and knowledgable professional. She has been a tremendous help and support to me in general overall health and specifically with degenerative joint and disc disease.”
— Candace M.

Small Group Sessions

At TrueMove, a boutique Yoga/Pilates and Integrative Movement studio in the Sellwood neighborhood, I offer a personalized approach to my client's needs and goals. The “Small Group” (maximum 3 students) option is best suited for clients preferring a more private setting and personal attention and is optimal for couples or friends with similar needs or movement-related requirements.

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Group Yoga & Pilates Classes

Join one of my group classes held at some of Portland’s top studios where I teach a variety of Yoga styles, from gentle Hatha to a vigorous Power Vinyasa flow, as well as Mat Pilates classes involving bands, blocks, BOSUs, bands and fitballs.

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Private Sessions

If you are recovering from an injury or prefer a one-on-one approach, private sessions at TrueMove Studio are the best solution. Private sessions offer a perfect interim transition to post-Physical Therapy, and provide an excellent long-term approach for anyone with a chronic condition requiring extra attention and awareness. (such as Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia).

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Monika Gold

I am a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, passionate about helping my clients find confidence in their body, the power of breath, and the mind-body connection – simple principles that make all the difference between discomfort or injury, and comfort and well-being.